What is pyramidal water?

Water, like any other natural formation, has a certain crystalline structure, which largely determines its properties and qualities. Pyramid water is water that changes its structure under the influence of the energy of the pyramid. Water is the only natural substance that can be found in nature in all three states - solid, liquid and gaseous. Of all the substances on Earth, water, thanks to its unique physical and chemical properties, is an essential component of human life. Pyramidal water is water that, under the influence of the energy of a large pyramid, passes from a liquid state to a solid state, while remaining a liquid. This unique water is called liquid ice. The crystalline structure of water is similar to the fractal structure of ice. Pyramidal water in a large pyramid does not freeze even at a temperature of -38C.

structure of ice

Water in our body

Our body consists mainly of water. At birth, we are 95% water; in our life, this proportion decreases, and by old age it decreases to 60%. During our life, it is necessary to maintain the water level in our body at the level of about 70% - 75%. The water level in the body is an indicator of aging. Water balance is an indicator of the relative health status of our body. These two important indicators are determined by the structure of water. There are many natural sources of water in the world. After studying the structure of water from these sources and observing the amazingly long life of thousands of people in different countries, gerontologists from the USA, Japan, Sweden, and Sweden came to the conclusion that the ideal structure of water for a healthy body is water with an ice structure. Pyramidal water is an ideal structure for a living organism.

The uniqueness of the pyramidal water

  • Pyramidal water has the properties as ice
  • 100% biological assimilation of water
  • High energy potential

When taken internally or externally, water interacts biologically, normalizes all vital processes in our body, and the effect begins exactly where functions of the body are impaired. Pyramidal water saturates the blood with oxygen and increases the overall level of water in the body.

The advantages of pyramidal water

  • Increases the concentration of water in the cells
  • Helps to eliminate toxins and "cleanse" the body
  • Rejuvenates skin & increases vitality
  • Accelerates the healing and healing processes of the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Anti-stress effects
  • Healing without interfering with the body (self-healing)
  • Helps treat skin digestive upsets

How to prepare pyramidal water?

Using Mini pyramid

  • Put a bottle of water (1.5–2 liters) in the active zone of the mini-pyramid as shown in the picture
  • Water treatment time from 1 hour to 1.5 hours
pyramidal water using Mini pyramid

Using a Pyramid Matrix

  • Attach the matrix on the outside of the glass (cup) with a patch, approximately in the middle as shown in the picture
pyramidal water using Pyramid Matrix

Pyramidal water applications

  • Drinking - at least 1 cup of pyramidal water per day
  • Cooking - tea, coffee, various drinks, culinary dishes, confectionery
  • Therapeutic purposes - rinsing, rubbing, compresses, skin wetting
  • Accelerates the healing and healing processes of the body
  • Cosmetic purposes - washing with water, wiping, tampons
  • Other uses – laundry: 1 cup of water per wash

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Golden Section Pyramid

40 years of research and experiments have allowed a group of scientist to determine specific shape, size, and material of a pyramid, with which the pyramid's influence on the surrounding environment is most beneficial and harmonious. Such pyramid was named The Golden Section Pyramid. The golden section is one of the main principles in architecture, painting, and science. Masterpieces of architecture and art, the Nature itself and the pinnacle of its creation - human being, are created by this exact proportion. For the past 40 years more than 150 Golden Section Pyramids have been built around the world. The highest pyramid of 44 meters was built in 1999. The process of preparation of the area for pyramid construction took more than 5 years. The Pyramid is made of non-conductive materials without a single metal element.