Mini Pyramid

Mini Pyramid $450

An energy copy of the large pyramid of the Golden Section of Alexander Golod (scale 1: 176, height 10 "/ 25cm, base 6" x 6 "/ 12cm x 12cm). It is made of ceramic, has 2 zones of energy exposure - the active zone is above and below the pyramid, the passive zone is a sphere of radius of 25 m.

Matrix Bracelet

Matrix Bracelet $175

A matrix bracelet is a bracelet that uses crystal matrices developed in the laboratory of Alexander Golod, the discoverer and builder of the golden ratio pyramids. In a matrix bracelet, crystal matrices act as a resonator with a natural vibration frequency of 7 Hz.

Crystal Pyramid

Crystal Pyramid $285

An energy copy of the great golden section pyramid with a scale of 1: 440, made of crystalline glass. Dimensions: height 4”/ 10cm, base 2” x 2”/ 5cm x 5cm, energy impact radius up to 3 meters, made using ABO technology (Adaptation of Biological Objects)

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