Geopathic zones are places on the surface of the Earth, which can cause serious health problems for people who stay within them for a long time. The name geopathic comes from two Greek words, geo – earth, and pathos – suffering.

What are geopathic zones?
Since the ancient times every nation had their own perception of “dead” places, where trees and grass do not grow, where people and animals get sick, where buildings fall apart. For many centuries people were thoroughly careful when choosing places for their dwellings. The Chinese system of feng-shui has been around since the times unmemorable. In accordance with this system, no one would start building anything, until a dowser makes sure that this place is not under the influence of some “underground demons”. Ancient Roman architect and builder Vitruvius paid special attention to the correct selection of a place for building in his works. Similar principles are also mentioned in the works of Hippocrat and Avicenna. In Russia in the 18th and 19th century, the selection of a place for a house was entrusted to a dowser, and the decision about construction was made by the czar’s decree. Over time these important principles were forgotten, and houses were built in convenient places, which since the old times were considered unsuitable for a habitat.

How a geopathic zone affects human organism?
One of the first researchers interested in connection between geopathic zones and origins of some serious illnesses was Gustav von Pohl. In 1929, while observing 10,000 patients, he came to a conclusion that the one common thing for 58 people who died from cancer, was that each of them had a sleeping place (bedrooms) exactly within a geopathic zone. The scientist thoroughly described his results in his book “Earth rays as pathogens”. In 1950, Manfred Curry, MD also came to the conclusion about an important role of a special earth grid (later named the Curry grid in his honor) in development of cancer. A fundamental book by Dr. Ernst Hartmann called “Illnesses as a problem of location”, which was published in Germany in 1960, summarized many years of author’s research of geopathic zones influence on human health. In this book, Hartmann was the first to introduce principles of projecting and constructing buildings with consideration of geopathic zones. For 14 years Austrian scientist K. Bahler was observing 11,000 people, including 6,500 adults, 3000 teenagers and 1,500 infants. Obtained results showed, that cancer, neuropsychological and various chronic illnesses of kids and adults were caused by their bedrooms located within geopathic zones. Since the early 1980s scientists from Austria, Germany, USA, Switzerland, England, Canada, and France have been studying the problem of geopathic zones.

Many years of large-scale observations and research showed that:

  • Depending on the longevity, the nature, and the location of a human being within a geopathic zone, various illnesses set in, affecting body organs and disrupting their functions.
  • The most common illnesses are of oncological, cardio-vascular, neuropsychological nature as well as disruptions of the motor functions of the body. If the entire human body is within a geopathic zone, it affects the entire system, including joints, circulation of blood to the brain, causes sclerosis, sores, which do not heal, etc.
  • There exists a certain period of time, after which human organism becomes misbalanced, leading to further development of pathological condition and, eventually, death
  • All people within a geopathic zone have one thing in common, and that is their complete insensitivity to any kind of treatment. It is practically impossible to heal a person living within a geopathic zone.

How to detect a geopathic zone?
It is possible to approximately locate a geopathic zone by watching animal behavior. For example, dogs avoid such places, but cats on the other hand prefer to rest in them. Horses, cows and pigs also avoid geopathic zones. Among the trees, apple tree, lime-tree, beech, and lilac usually grow better outside of the geopathic zones, but plum-tree, cherry-tree, oak, ash-tree, spruce, peach-tree, mistletoe tend to be closer to geopathic zones, because of underground water. In nature, trees with swellings, anthills, as well as trees hit by lightning bolts are the signs of a geopathic zone presence. Flowers, such as azalea, cacti, grow better in safe places, while asparagus, geranium in geopathic zones. Reactions of a human organism to a geopathic zone can vary. Some people do not feel anything, while others may start getting headaches, heartaches right away.

Austrian researcher of the problem K. Bahler offers a number of reliable sign indicating that a human is living in a geopathic zone:

  • Difficulty falling asleep & bad sleep
  • Anxiousness & quickened heartbeat
  • Nervousness & depression
  • Headaches
  • Leg cramps & numbness of legs and arms
  • Repeated serious illnesses in the same location (“cancer houses”)
  • Complete and speedy recovery following the change of sleep area

Attention parents!
Child’s organism is quite sensitive to geopathic zones. A child tends to intuitively leave a bad place (geopathic zone). Anxiousness, screams, grinding of teeth, loss of appetite, fear of being alone, desire to get away from bed are the likely signs of geopathic zone effects on child’s organism.

Despite the fact that geopathic zones have been studied for a long time, until recently the only true method for their detection had been biolocation (dowsing) – method of location of geopathic zones (or underground water) with the help of a rod, a pendulum or a frame. Dowsing clearly determines the main reasons for the formation of geopathic zones – underground waterways, geological anomalies, Curry grids and Hartmann grids. However, dowsing method is subjective, because it is based on sensitivity of an operator (dowser). Until now there have been virtually no devices capable of locating geopathic zones. Detection of geopathic zones by measuring geophysical parameters of an area is almost never used, because the measuring equipment is not suited for work in residential areas or industrial facilities.

The first portable electronic device for detection of geopathic zones – Indicator of Geopathic Anomalies (IGA), was developed in 1992. It is a supersensitive receiver of electromagnetic vibrations emitted by a geopathic zone. The IGA device was tested in various conditions for 10 years in many countries. Using the device it is possible to determine location, type and radiation intensity of a geopathic zone. A sensitive operator (dowser) is not required in order to operate IGA. Measurements can be conducted in open areas as well as in any buildings: houses, apartments, offices, etc.

How to protect from geopathic zone effects?
The easiest way is to move your sleeping or working place to a safer place, free from Earth’s radiation. This practice has been known for some time. About 11,000 people in 14 countries around the world got rid of chronic illnesses simply by moving their sleeping places. Underlining the importance of this simple and effective method of protection from geopathic zones, Austrian surgeons-oncologists Noth Nagel and Hohenegg, doctor Zaurbruch from Germany urge their post-operation patients to change their places of sleep and not to return to the same place in order to prevent further destructive influence of the radiation.

Research and analysis of various existing devices and gadgets for protection against geopathic zones undoubtedly show that complete and reliable protection of a house as well as health of its inhabitants from harmful effects of geopathic zones is provided by golden section pyramids.

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