Mini Pyramid Benefits:

  • Active Natural Pain Relief
  • Activation of the immune system
  • Neutralizes geopathic zones
  • Has powerful anti stress effects
  • Slows process of aging
  • Heals without direct interference with organism
  • Assists meditation
  • Any food products, beverages, clothing, cosmetics, domestic chemicals and others can be treated within the active zone of a mini-pyramid for neutralization of any negative effects on human organism

What is a Mini pyramid?

An energy copy of the large pyramid of the Golden Section of Alexander Golod (scale 1: 176, height 10 "/ 25cm, base 6" x 6 "/ 12cm x 12cm). It is made of ceramic, has 2 zones of energy exposure - the active zone is above and below the pyramid, the passive zone is a sphere of radius of 25 m. It is energetically infected using ABO technology
ABO (Adaptation of Biological Objects) - Technology of energy transfer of the Great Pyramid of the Golden Section to any distances with minimal losses using matrices
Matrix is an energy copy of the Great Pyramid of the Golden Ratio. The substance, from which the matrix is made, placed in the active zone of the pyramid, crystallizes, transforming from a liquid to a solid state.
Matrix of mini pyramids is the base of the pyramid.

How to properly install a Mini pyramid

Mini-pyramid’s base placed with the arrow pointing North. Space around and above the pyramid within 40 cm (16”) must be empty; especially important is the absence of any metal. Pyramid must be placed in a dry spot. Treatment within a mini-pyramid is not recommended, because it essentially does not differ from treatment above or under pyramid, but can shorten working life of a mini-pyramid. Working life of a mini pyramid is lifetime.

Not recommended

  • Using metal objects (e.g. metal plates, dishes) during treatment in the active zone of a mini-pyramid
  • Treating more than 3 different kinds of products (e.g. oranges and pepper)
  • Placing cosmetics within 50-60 cm from mini-pyramid
  • Placing mini-pyramid close to sources of intense heat (oven, iron, etc.)